Redo’s are needed 5-6 weeks after your appointment. Please book on style seat and redo appointments start after 12pm. For special requested morning appointments please email for confirmation:

Depending on the style you need 2-3 packs of hair. If you are getting kingg locs or goddess locs you need one pack of each type of hair.

It takes 5-8 hours to complete your hair depending on the style

Locs will last 2-3 months with good care. Twist will last 1-2 months with good care.

I’m located in Brooklyn, NY

CASH ONLY – Please have CASH for the remainder of your bill at the time of the appointment.

There is a $20 late fee for each half an hour you’re late. After 9am your appointment is canceled.

No shows will be blocked from my calendar. The late fee is not refundable and not transferable. It has to be paid on the same day of your appointment.

Your $60 deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. The client gets 3 weeks to reschedule a canceled appointment from their original appointment date. After 3 weeks the deposit is null and void and a new deposit is needed to book a new appointment.

All sales are FINAL. NO REFUNDS on services

  • If there is a problem with your hairstyle I will fix it for free if its within 8 days of your appointment date
  • More than 95% of your locs has to be in tac
  • If there is a problem with your hairstyle and its been more than 8 days the client has to pay $30 for a touch up
  • Touch ups are 5 or less braids, twists or locs that need fixing. Anything more than that is a complete “redo” service
  • I only do redo’s for locs that’s already in so I can “redo” the old ones
  • I touch up the front, back, sides and occasionally a few in the middle that need mending
  • It is not advised to have locs missing. If too many locs are missing I can’t “redo” your hair. More than 95% of your locs has to be still in your hair to get a redo service.

Redos start after 12pm ONLY, there is no morning appointments for redos. If you have a special request for a morning time please email me.

I don’t usually do anymore braiding styles. I do braids on a case by case basis and all requests need to me emailed to me.

I currently only have two times for appointments, 7am and 1pm.

  •  No one is allowed to wait with you for your appointment. If you have special case please email me.

I have high speed Wi-Fi available for clients

100% of all the pictures on my website, social media and on Style Seat is my work.

  • I am not a traveling stylist usually. I have a $65 travel fee
  • If a client needs me to travel they will have to email me that request.

No I don’t. Clients will get an email with the type of hair they need to get for that style. ALL styles have completely different types of hair dedicated to that individual look. Please be mindful you can not substitute a type of hair for another style.

  • Your hair should be washed and tangle free prior to the appointment
  • Hair should NOT be wet or have a bad odor
  • If your hair isn’t detangled prior to your appointment there is a $25 detangle fee
  • If your hair is natural please wash and condition in sections of 4 or 6.
  • Once your hair is detangled in sections you can braid or twist your hair in each section.

For the most part I can only achieve the look and styles of my OWN work. if a client wants me to attempt another stylist work I will have to respectfully decline. In the very rare cases I attempt a style I don’t usually do the ultimate outcome is on risk of the client