Once you’re done with your appointment you need the following things:
  1. You need a bonnet, or “Rasta tube” to sleep in nightly
  2. Scalp oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil and or tea tree oil
  3. Use Edge control
  4. Any brand of “hair polisher” that has to be used in your hair for a minimum of 7 days. Its advised to use the whole bottle until its done
  5. When washing your hair please use a soapy rag and a rinse rag. You don’t have to completely submerge your locs into water to wash your hair . Focusing on your scalp is more important. If you do get your locs wet that is ok, it’ll take up to two hour to air dry.
  6. When taking your locs out cut the hair right below your natural hair length line. Carefully unravel the locs and cut into the dead casing. Use conditioner on the locs to help release and unravel locs